Purpose of the $RIA token

The main purpose of Calvaria: DoE $RIA tokens is to fulfill the following two functions:

  1. Governance. The main $RIA purpose is maintaining the Calvaria ecosystem and ensuring its proper functioning.

  2. Staking. By locking their $RIA on our staking platform, users will be able to earn daily passive income rewards.

  3. Participation in voting. Holders of $RIA who have a certain threshold amount of tokens locked on the staking platform, will be able to participate in community-driven voting on issues related to the project's ecosystem governance.

  4. Shopping in the in-game store. The store will be the first place where a variety of new game resources will appear. These can include decks, cards, upgrades, energy replenishment packs, and much more. All resources, with rare exceptions, will be ERC-721 NFT tokens that can be used on third-party marketplaces. The use of the $RIA token in the store is one of the key factors that will make the token significant. When users make purchases using $RIA, this will ensure that the tokens constantly turn over, therefore stabilizing the game's economy.

  5. Card upgrades. Players will be able to merge cards of the same level to obtain new cards with a higher level. The $eRIA tokens will be used within the game to pay for this process.

  6. Rewards for competing in tournaments.

All $RIA tokens from purchases of the original deck of cards will be returned to the prize pool in full.

All $RIA tokens received from purchases made in the in-game store will be distributed as follows:

  • 10% is sent to the staking pool.

  • 90% is sent to the seller of the game resource.

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