Upcoming project development milestones

The development milestones listed below are tentative as of the time of this writing. The milestones and the deadlines may change in the future.
Q3 2023:
  • Duels of Eternity alpha version.
  • Partnerships with eSports teams.
  • Duels of Eternity beta version.
  • Constant NFT drops.
  • First patches and new modes.
  • In-game store launch.
Q4 2023:
  • Campaign mode.
  • Partnerships with influencers/gamers/streamers tournaments.
  • DoE first tournament.
  • Character upgrade system (NFTs/cards).
  • Seasonal NFT drops.
  • Scholarship platform.
  • Official DoE launch.
  • Listing DoE on the mobile app stores.
Q1 2024:
  • Game expansion.
  • Monthly and seasonal tournaments.
  • Patches and new game modes.
  • Expansion and custdev of the Calvaria universe outside of the games (comic books, animated series, etc.).
  • Creation of in-house eSports team.
  • Participation in offline events (crypto and gaming).
Q2 2024:
  • Calvaria VR experience.
  • Universe expansions.
  • AAA game development.
  • Huge conference (Calcon) hosted by Calvaria.