What sets Calvaria: DoE apart from other similar games?

  1. Addictive gameplay. The game mechanics have been designed so that players can build and use unique game strategies to defeat opponents. This is possible thanks to the existence of various playable factions, decks and unique cards. Players will also be able to win various upgrades or purchase them in the in-game store. In addition, players will be able to use collectible NFT tokens to increase the overall strength of the decks at their disposal. The game will attract a large number of players with different gameplay goals and playing preferences.

  2. Rewarded gaming. Players will be able to earn tokens by beating their opponents in pvp battles and we are going to use it to raise interest among the non-crypto gaming community. Our free-to-play version will highlight the benefits of the blockchain integrated alternative providing them both an insight and an opportunity to get rewarded for the time and effort spent playing our game.

  3. Real ownership of game resources. Thanks to blockchain technology, virtually all game resources such as decks, unique cards and upgrades will belong directly to the players. This gives them the right to resell them on secondary markets as well as to use them in various third party decentralized applications. This will serve as an example of the benefits of the blockchain and related technologies, it will also set it apart from classic games where all resources are concentrated and liquid only within a single application.

  4. Fostering a sound economy that goes beyond the game itself. Thanks to the $RIA tokens, we are creating an extensive economy that will not only attract players, but also people who are interested in trading, and collecting in regards to the project. Thanks to the staking platform, the use of a decentralized autonomous organization and NFT technology, we will be able to build a strong game community that will support the economic stability of the entire system. Each participant will be able to increase their holdings in various ways, they will also be introduced to the other facets of the crypto industry, bolstering their own financial position and encouraged to further their blockchain related education.

  5. Experienced team of founders and developers. The team of project founders consists of experienced blockchain and cryptocurrency specialists. We are the creators of several successful projects in different parts of the cryptocurrency field, and we also founded a classic IT business that has been in operation since 2012. Thanks to our close internal communication and painstaking teamwork on many projects, we have gathered a wealth of experience and achieved a deep understanding of how to build and manage complex business projects, such as Calvaria: DoE. We also have our own highly qualified team of engineers, specialized in the area of decentralized applications and games, which allows us to independently handle the entire stack of tasks that need to be completed.

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