About DAO

As the project develops and $RIA tokens are distributed among all community members, Calvaria: DoE will gradually evolve into a Decentralized Autonomous Organization that will be managed by the community.

Holders of $RIA who have a certain threshold amount of tokens locked on the staking platform, will be able to participate in community-driven voting on issues related to the project's ecosystem governance. The more tokens a user locks, the more weight their vote carries.

Topics presented for voting may include the following issues:

  • How funds should be distributed from the prize fund.

  • How funds should be distributed from the operations fund.

  • Changes in the total supply of tokens.

And many other issues.

The terms of all successfully passed motions will be carried out by the development team as soon as possible in accordance with the voting results and subject to commercial and technological restrictions.

During the initial stage, all decisions will be unilaterally made by our development team, which will direct project development in the right direction and prevent any disruption to the ecosystem by troublemakers.

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