Economic sustainability

Calvaria: DoE is a completely new game that rewards players for the time and effort they spend within the game as well as its ecosystem.

The entire economy of the game is controlled by players and is based on assets that have value. The main way that active players can earn money is through the "Play to Earn" mechanic. Its implementation will set the game apart from the giants in the same genre within web 2.0, ultimately bolstering the game without detracting or being relied upon for the games success.

Players can also sell the purchased game resources that they have accumulated on secondary markets for real money, or they can use them to increase their chances of winning tournaments against other players, thereby increasing their daily earnings. The player can keep or sell their earned tokens on the secondary market or buy power-ups, cards and decks from the in-game store. Part of the commission from purchases in the store goes to the staking pool, and the rest goes back to the reward pool, which will be managed by the decentralized autonomous organization in the future. The decentralized autonomous organization is managed by stakers. The game developers generate income by owning $RIA tokens and through some additional sources described later in this document.

All game resources, with very few exceptions, will be NFT tokens that can be sold or purchased on secondary markets. Due to the gradual increase in the value of the $RIA token and the influx of a large number of users into the project, game resources can be profitably sold on popular NFT platforms.

Over the long term, the game economy will be supported through the development of additional features:

  • Addition of new game modes.

  • Addition of new game resources and the release of NFT collections with a limited supply.

  • Development and improvement of the rating system to encourage players to participate in more tournaments.

  • Hosting esports events with large prize pools.

At the beginning of a project's development, economic sustainability will depend on an influx of new users, including not only players, but also traders. It is important to strike a balance between supply and demand at each separate interval of development. That is why most of the token supply will be released gradually as the popularity of the game and the number of users grow. Each change in the economics of the project must be carefully considered so as not to cause excessive inflation or, conversely, a sharp jump in the price that is premature. During the initial stages, before the launch of the decentralized autonomous organization, we, the main developers of the game, will make all the changes to the project.

Our team is prepared for constant rapid growth, which will also in part be maintained by the following catalysts:

  • Constant scaling of the technological platform. We understand that growth in popularity is inextricably linked with an increased load on server capacity as well as an increased number of transactions on the network. Therefore, our team undertakes the obligation to provide appropriate technical support for the project throughout its entire lifecycle, to ensure trouble-free operations of all essential game modules.

  • Ensuring a high user retention rate. The inclusion of the "Play to Earn" mechanic in the game guarantees high rates of return of users to the game. This is achieved by allowing users to actually own game NFT resources and ERC-20 assets. Players will understand that the more time they spend in the game, the more real value they will derive from it that goes beyond mere entertainment.

  • User growth will be achieved thanks to $RIA. This is because the tokens that are used in the game can also be used outside of the game, and they will be able to be traded on a large number of cryptocurrency exchanges. This will help to inject liquidity into the tokens and attract new users not only interested in gaming, but also people from related crypto industries, such as trading, collecting, etc.

  • Development of a mobile version of the game. Mobile device users account for over 80% of all Internet users. The release of Calvaria: DoE on mobile will open up a massive audience of gamers, accelerating the growth of the game and the adoption of the new GameFi paradigm.

  • Paid user acquisition. Our team is not going to concentrate only on the technical aspect of the project. A steady inflow of new users will also be ensured by buying ads on various advertising networks. We plan to launch an extensive advertising campaign at the very beginning of the development of the project as well as to constantly support it throughout the entire existence of the game.

  • Promoting the brand through partnerships, influencers, and organic engagement. With a carefully crafted marketing budget, we plan to draw attention to the project through influencers and partnerships with major players from the gaming industry as a whole.

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