Short description of the game

Calvaria: DoE is a card game in which players compete in tournaments using cards that represent different characters, each having their own unique sets of abilities and 3d character models when played on the field as a unit.

At its core it is a competitive strategy game, which means that your main goal as a player is to outwit your opponent in order to win, assembling the right combination of cards, the order of which they are played, using your units abilities at opportune times in conjunction with positioning and utilizing upgrades. The toolkit provided in each deck will allow for high levels of play.

The main feature of the game, in contrast to similar classic card games, is that players completely own their game resources and assets, which means that each player is able to collect a unique set of resources to pursue the strategy of their choosing. It is possible to buy these resources not just from the in-game store, but also on the free market outside the game. The opposite is also true: Any player can sell their resources and assets to any other person.

The task of the development team is to create an exciting and balanced game ecosystem through a balanced set of game resources. All of the game's resources will be created with the assistance of the core game development team in accordance with the game concept, and subsequently with the approval of the community through a vote which can only be organized using a decentralized autonomous organization.

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