Using $RIA and game resources

The token is created and issued by us, the Calvaria development team. We want Calvaria to be fully community driven. Therefore, our goal is to create a sensible balance between supply and demand as well as to optimize the incentives for all project participants. Various methods will be utilized to achieve these goals:

  • The game will be available for free with all features and functions unlocked, however purchasing an NFT deck of cards is required in order to be able to earn tokens in the game.

  • A total of 10% of each purchase will go to the staking pool, and the rest will go to the prize pool.

  • The "Play-to-Earn" system, which active players can use to receive a reward in the form of liquid $RIA tokens for winning tournaments.

  • The card leveling system. If a player has the same cards with the same strength, they can be combined to obtain a new card of a higher level. The $RIA token will be used to pay for this process.

  • The in-game store where you can make purchases. In this case, all purchased resources, with rare exceptions, will belong directly to the users, which they have the right to resell using the means available to them. 10% of every purchase in the in-game store will go to the staking pool.

  • The staking system and staking pool allow you to lock $RIA tokens for long-term storage while accruing daily rewards simultaneously.

  • The decentralized autonomous organization provides a voting system as well as a way for making management decisions, thereby turning active stakeholders into main decision makers within Calvaria. The more tokens a user has locked in the staking platform, the more weight their vote will have.

  • Token will have 0% transaction taxes.

  • NFT tokens are issued as part of the collections and individually, which will be traded on large NFT platforms, and they will also give their owners a strategic advantage in tournaments.

Additional features will be developed which will expand the use-case of the tokens and of the internal game resources in the project and beyond.

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