$RIA tokens

$RIA token is are ERC-20 token that is the main currency of Calvaria: DoE. The $RIA token is the project's ecosystem token, serving to maintain the economic stability of the system. Tokens are suitable for trading on exchanges and will also be truly owned by the users of the project. Neither we, as the developers of the game, nor anyone else will be able to take tokens away from the user without their knowledge and consent. This is a key feature of the blockchain technology we will implement into our game and economy. By spending time playing Calvaria: DoE, players will be able to gain a truly valuable and scarce currency, whose value will grow over time by the attraction of more and more users to the game.

In addition, users who do not want to directly participate in gaming tournaments, but who want to be part of the project, may also receive rewards in $RIA. They can use the staking system, be a member of the internal Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), and take part in voting.

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