The main game modes

Single player campaign. This is an optional but useful game mode. Here, the user explores the history of the game's universe, proceeding step by step from easy introductory levels to real tests of one's mastery of the game. All battles in single player mode take place against the game's artificial intelligence. The player may receive a reward in the form of unique cards or power-ups for winning matches, which they can later use in the "Player versus Player" mode.

Player vs. Player. This is the main game mode in Calvaria: DoE. It is a proving ground in which two real players compete with each other using misdirection and strategic planning. In this mode you can use various unique cards, power-ups, and collectible NFT tokens to increase your chances of winning. To win the match, the player must defeat the enemy army in the best of three rounds. Users are rewarded with $RIA tokens for winning.

The competitive nature of this skill-based game makes it well suited for Esports. This is an important consideration for ensuring the growth of the game and its community. That is why in the future the game will be filled with seasonal competitions with large prize pools. We also plan to hold various third-party tournaments from partners and sponsors.

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