Income flows

Calvaria: DoE is a game with a multifaceted economy. Instead of being limited to a one-time income from the initial purchase, we provide an extensive service for use, where monetized content and additional paid features will be released on an ongoing basis, which will ultimately enrich and complement the gaming ecosystem.

The main sources of income for the project are listed below:

  1. Sales of decks, cards, upgrades, and other resources in the in-game store. In order to be able to play, the user must purchase at least one deck of cards from the in-game store. In addition, in order to make the game interesting and update the user experience, our team will constantly release new decks, cards, and other items, thus providing an opportunity for players to buy additional resources that can increase their chances of winning. All purchased resources, with some rare exceptions, will be issued in the form of NFT tokens, whose ownership will be fully assigned to their buyers.

  2. Release of NFT collections. To attract attention to the game and update the gaming experience, our team will periodically release separate paid NFT collections in the form of public sales with a limited supply of tokens. Each such token will increase the user's chances of winning tournaments. The raised funds will go towards replenishing the operations fund, marketing, and rewarding team members.

  3. Ability to receive royalty payments on secondary markets. We will receive additional income from the resale of our released NFT resources and collections on third-party websites. As the gaming economy grows, our income will grow together with it.

  4. Advertising and sponsorship opportunities. We will be using part of our technology platform as an advertising space. This advertising will be natively integrated and will not disrupt the gameplay, and at the same time we will make sure that it remains as relevant to our audience as possible. We plan to work with a large number of partner projects to implement this idea. Mutual advertising will help us increase the flow of new users and bring in additional income that will be invested back in the game.

  5. Physical and digital goods.

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