Goals for the $RIA tokens

The main challenge facing us is to create a comprehensive working and growing game economy that will make sense not only for the direct players, but also traders. All this is impossible without a quantifiable measure that would clearly and unambiguously determine the value of certain economic features of the game. This measure of value is the $RIA tokens. Let's take this opportunity to outline just a few of the goals of the tokens:

  1. Liquid and tradable assets. When the player receives tokens, they become the fully-fledged owner and can utilize them as they please: they can keep them, buy resources within the game, or sell them on the exchange.

  2. Optimizing incentives for all project participants. Players, stakers, and traders will all be attracted to a single digital asset called $RIA, which will evenly spread user interest across the game and its ecosystem.

  3. Economic sustainability.

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