Core team

Walt is the Business Development Manager. He’s been involved in Crypto development from early 2017, he has even founded one of the first and the biggest ICO listing aggregators and gained a lot of useful connections in the crypto world. Using his experience and knowledge in the field, he identifies, researches and makes contacts with other businesses and organizations in pursuit of creating beneficial relationships and expanding the projects revenue streams.
Maxwell, is a head of marketing. He has had more than a few years of experience in the industry. Out of them, two years were spent affiliate marketing for crypto projects. He has an in-depth knowledge of real-life marketing and how to apply it, and has developed his own specialized marketing techniques during his professional life. He is currently responsible for preparing promotional content, campaign planning and the overall success of the project's promotion. Strongest sides of his are Banner ads, native ads, push-notifications, social media brand awareness campaigns and SEO.
Jeremy is the Creative Director, Editor and Community/Social Media Manager. He is a writer with a strong talent for world building and has been a consultant for various projects. While in China he worked for three years at a small mobile gaming company and helped edit screenplays on the side. His responsibilities are tied to the overall vision and execution of the games development. This includes the tone, story and extends to the platform and monetization of the game itself, while overseeing the creative teams through each of the stages.
Paul, is the lead blockchain developer, a well accomplished expert in his own field with more than eight years of experience. His programming skills that were once used for big companies and the creation of high-load systems, are now turned towards creative ventures and blockchain development. In his spare time, he studied game design and experimented with its practical application before joining Calvaria: DoE. Having left his position as a team lead in the workforce, he now oversees the operations and technical aspects of the project.
Justina gained experience managing projects in her family's business for three years before joining the Calvaria: DoE project. During this period she accumulated both an understanding and connections within the South-East Asian market which now helps her as she plans and organizes the direction of the project as a whole. She now sets quantifiable targets to hit with reasonable time frames while working closely with Tisie and Artsemio to meet requirements within the budget and schedules.
Artemio is serving as the Operations Manager. He has spent many years setting up and running his own businesses having built them from the ground up. He's dealt with all the accompanying challenges he had and developed a wide array of skills from problem solving to logistics. Now familiar with the workings of every aspect of a business, he facilitates the cooperation of other team members and is specialized in managing the core operations of the project. His duties do reach into other areas including budgeting, project delivery and strategy.
Tisie is the financial manager in Calvaria: DoE and has previously worked in the financial department of a large media company in Thailand. In that time she acquired many useful connections on top of finding a natural proclivity to budgeting, accounting and data analysis. She is responsible for the financial aspects of the project, fund allocations, budget planning as well as dividend related decisions.