About Calvaria: Duels of Eternity
Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is a card game in which players compete in tournaments using cards that represent different characters, each having their own unique sets of abilities. The player's goal is to defeat opponents using complex strategies and tactics in order to get rewards and various upgrades.
The game is designed in such a way that each player can truly own the in-game resources. They can earn these either through playing or investing in the game's ecosystem. All of this is made possible by blockchain technology, which gives players true digital ownership.
The game will feature many different game modes to accommodate players with different goals and preferences. Players will be able to compete with each other, earn tokens, complete the single player campaign, win unique cards and upgrades and participate in seasonal tournaments.
The main currency of the game is the $RIA token, which is the main component of the game's entire economy. In addition to it within the ecosystem, there’s also an $eRIA (Earned RIA) token that allows users to earn money playing the game, use it within the game to level up their cards, and purchase in-game resources, such as upgrades or unique cards in the form of NFT tokens.
The game will also introduce an additional way of interacting with the game mechanics and the economy in the form of NFT collections, whose tokens will give their owners a strategic advantage in competitions. Along with game resources, collectible NFT tokens will be fully owned by their possessors, which opens up additional opportunities for making money on third-party NFT platforms, such as OpenSea, Rarible, etc.
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